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"The One-Minute Cure" by Madison Cavanaugh Book Review

The One-Minute Cure by Madison Cavanaugh

For anyone plagued by a serious illness, reading The One-Minute Cure may be a godsend, as it inspires hope through the use of oxygen therapy. In 114 short pages, the author outlines a simple method to rid one's body of pathogens, fungi, toxins and bacteria to regain optimal health. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimers, AIDS and heart disease are a few of the afflictions that have been cured through the oxygen therapy she espouses.

Oxygen Therapy as a Natural Cure

Oxygen is essential to life, and is therefore the secret to curing all diseases, according to the book. The human body is made up of 70 to 80% water, and since water is composed of one molecule of oxygen for every two molecules of hydrogen, the body contains 62 to 71% oxygen. If the cells are oxygenated, they will enable the body's own immune system to fight all diseases. Cavanaugh claims that "the primary physical cause of all diseases is linked in one way or another to oxygen deficiency." Her thesis is corroborated by holistic Dr. Jerry Lee Hoover N. D., who states on his website '' that "a fact worth knowing is that cancer cells cannot live in the presence of oxygen."

Cavanaugh writes that a simple, inexpensive way to oxygenate the body is to ingest it in the form of a common chemical: food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). While drinking undiluted 35% H2O2 can be harmful or even fatal, it is very beneficial when properly diluted with distilled water. It is extremely important that H2O2 be watered down, and one chapter of the book is entirely devoted to measuring the dosages for specific ailments. Because of the cost of liability insurance, some health food stores won't even stock 35% food-grade H2O2, so consumers may have to purchase it online.

Oftentimes, holistic healing proponents disparage the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry as roadblocks to true healing. This book is no different except in one key area. Cavanaugh will not profit from her readers buying the natural product as she does not manufacture it. Her only profit resides in the sale of her books. H2O2 is a naturally occurring, non-patentable compound that is affordable and readily available. If anything, widespread use of the substance could potentially wield a mighty blow to the lucrative health industry.

Stop Aging Now. Natural Solutions for a Longer, Healthier Life.

The One-Minute Cure

This brings up another point, which is that Madison Cavanaugh is a pen name, and the reader has to wonder why she wanted to hide her true identity. If H2O2 is such a miracle substance that can be ingested in just one minute, wouldn't she want to take the credit for saying so? Or perhaps it is because she completely plagiarized Dr. David Williams work in chapter four. However, it is no secret that naturopaths are highly criticized by traditional medical practitioners, so this may be the reason why she used a fictitious name. She also mentions 15,000 European doctors who treated over ten million people during the past seventy years, but gives no further documentation. Such a claim should be strengthened with supporting data, and her omission is glaring.

The Appendix then discusses a "missing piece" in getting well, which is avoiding stress. While there is general agreement about the negative effects of stress on the human body, this portion of the book could have been left out, as it thinly disguises the author's personal religious beliefs as fact. Many people may find her preachiness objectionable, particularly Christians, as she discusses spiritual transformation without any mention of one's need for Jesus Christ.

However, the facts about H2O2 are highly compelling and worth taking a look. Ingesting and inhaling adequately diluted hydrogen peroxide will not only avoid the serious complications of pharmaceuticals, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, it can only benefit the users. Therefore, The One-Minute Cure is an interesting read for anyone seeking relief from health issues, especially terminal illnesses.


Madison Cavanaugh, The One-Minute Cure (Beverly Hills, CA: Think-Outside-The-Book Publishing, Inc., 2008).

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