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How to Talk to a Girl

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Everyone wants a challenge, including girls, so a guy shouldn't initially let a girl know he's interested. He needs to make himself attractive to her and watch her response. If he has a great personality, his clothes and looks surprisingly don't matter that much to most girls. By smiling and acting confidently, he will be very attractive, but for those less outgoing, wearing trendy clothes can help make up the difference.

How to Meet Girls

Girls are everywhere: at stores, in classrooms, cafes, and other places where her peers are wont to hang out. At a grocery store, one clever young man approached a cute gal and said, "I have a very important question that is a matter of life and death." He over-emphasized his query and paused to build up the suspense before continuing, "Which color toothbrush should I pick?" while holding up two toothbrushes. His mock seriousness and enthusiasm made her laugh, opening up a conversation.

What to Say to a Girl

Another opening question at a store is, "Where can I find a pair of good mid-priced jeans?" Or a boy can approach a girl with two articles of clothing and ask, "What would look better on me, this one or that one?" Generally female shoppers take pride in their fashion sense and love to show it off.

Playful and funny questions are good icebreakers for cold approaches. "Who lies more – guys or girls?" or "What did you want to be when you were seven?" have been used by some boys with success. Other boys strike gold when they stun a girl with a compliment like "Wow, I just thought I saw an angel." Of course, statements like that cannot be said without absolute sincerity or they will come off as cheesy.

What Not to Say to a Girl

Girls are generally turned off when boys talk about something that greatly interests them but not girls, like comic books, gadgets or nerdy activities. Also, boys who brag about their accomplishments usually fail to score. If they boldly say, "Hey, I really like you," they oftentimes don't get anywhere either, as it is too forward and blatant. "Everyone wants a challenge," said one boy. "Everyone wants what they can't have."

A boy should never overplay his interest by following a girl like a stalker as she will probably change her mind about liking him. One young man from Kettering University, in discussing this mistake from his high school years, remarked, "She liked me and I messed it up." Cruel comments, including making fun of a girl, cross the line and shouldn't be said. Also, boys who tell someone else that they like a certain girl and then ask that person to tell her usually meet with failure.

How to Get a Date

Once a boy has gotten the object of his affections to talk to him, what does he do next? He should keep talking until she starts talking too, and the conversation reaches a comfortable level. At first, the boy may be talking 90% of the time and the girl only 10%, but he should continue until the ratio becomes 50/50. He should look for signs she is mutually attracted, like smiling and making eye contact. When he finally senses her interest, it is time to indicate he likes her and ask for a date.

He must move forward at this critical juncture and show he likes her because if he doesn't, he risks losing her. He can ask, "Want to go to Starbucks sometime?" or "I am having a party with a bunch of other people. Would you want to come?" If the girl says yes, he can give her his phone number so she can get the time and directions. Oftentimes a girl will feel more comfortable going out if the first date is a group date.

The more practice a guy gets with talking to girls, the more confident and successful he will become. Just by getting out there and doing it, he will eventually become pretty adept at meeting girls.

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