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Kings Beach at North Lake Tahoe, California

Kings Beach, North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe, California is known for winter sports, but in the summer offers just as much fun. For those who travel when school is out, the area is a real gem. map

Summer in North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Boulevard, the main road along the water's edge between Tahoe City and Incline Village, offers a fabulous public beach with a small pier. Kings Beach is long and sandy, with boat rentals, restaurants and boutique shops catering to visitors. The water of Lake Tahoe comes from snowmelt, making the lake frigid in its center but warm at the shore where the sun can more easily penetrate. Snow capped mountain peaks surround Lake Tahoe, providing a stunning contrast to families frolicking in their bathing suits.

Horseback riding and golfing replace skiing and snowboarding during summer months, allowing resorts to open year-round. For golfers, there are several world-class courses to choose from in North Lake Tahoe, including Incline Village and Tahoe City Golf Course.
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The Fat Cat Cafe in Tahoe City

Fried Cheesecake Dessert
For a fun place to eat, The Fat Cat Cafe in Tahoe City offers tasty food, cocktails, and every Saturday night, live music. They also demonstrate a commitment to the local arts community, having Open Mic every Tuesday and Karaoke on Thursdays, and display original works of painters and photographers on their walls for sale.

Their cuisine is organic and fresh, with generous portions of healthy food. Waiters are very friendly, especially one gal in particular named Whitney.

Diners may begin with happy hour, which offers shared dishes and delicious appetizers like thai lettuce wraps with chicken and tofu, and fresh caught ahi tuna with homemade chips. The pork tacos are laced with lime, cilantro & edible garnishes that complement the dish, and the sweet potato fries with aioli dip are superb.

Nothing on the menu will disappoint, but the chinese chicken salad and southwestern egg rolls with homemade salsa deserve special mention. For dessert, try the fried cheesecake w/ ice cream, and dollops of chocolate and raspberry sauces. Patrons will leave this restaurant quite satisfied, as the food is not only tasty but very nutritious. Whatever one selects from the menu, order enough to take some leftovers home. The Fat Cat Cafe is located at 599 North Lake Boulevard in Tahoe City, and can be reached at (530)583-3355.

Lake Tahoe is a world-class vacation destination with plenty of things to do and see, but for those who dislike cold weather, summers are the absolute best.

Snowcapped Peaks Loom Over Lake Tahoe

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