Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Classical Violin Concert in Fremont, California

Pierce Wang Performs Classical Violin at Aegis Living
Fremont, California

The Youth Music Society held its fourth classical violin concert Saturday, July 30, 2011 at Aegis Living, an upscale senior living community located at 3850 Walnut Avenue in Fremont, California.

Child Prodigy in Fremont, California?
Director Ryan Wang Sets the Stage

A spellbound audience of seniors packed the lobby to listen to performances by 6-year-old Caleb Chen and the Wang brothers, 12-year-old Austin and 8-year-old Pierce. An older brother, 14-year-old Ryan Wang, Director for the newly formed non-profit, acted as emcee. Terri Chen, former music professor at Wheaton College in Chicago, accompanied the boys on the piano.

The talent of the musicians belied their young ages, leaving many wondering if they were watching child prodigies. The group will audition more volunteer musicians, but prospective members must display a high level of proficiency and maturity. "These boys are just amazing," remarked attendee Emily Wall. "I always call my daughter to come see them when they play."

Emcee Ryan Wang

Caleb Chen opened the show with The Waltz by Brahms. His second piece, the Humoresque by Dvorak, is a popular tune even today, inspired by the composer's time spent in the United States. Chen was followed by Austin Wang, performing the second movement of Kabalevsky's Violin Concerto, a sorrowful, unique piece having several harmonic twists, and the Partita No. 3 by Bach. Bach's piece is long, containing seven movements, so Wang played only the first one, the Preludio. Ryan Wang noted that Bach started this composition in 1703 and finally finished it seventeen years later.  

6-Year-Old Caleb Chen
The grand finale was performed by Pierce Wang with thirty minutes of flawless strumming, Paganini’s Sonata No. 12 in E minor and the Mozart Sonata for Piano and Violin. The first sonata had two parts, the first with an operatic, sweeping melody and the second very lively and festive.

Caleb Chen Accompanied by Pianist Terri Chen

12-Year-Old Austin Wang

Classical Violin For Kids

The non-profit Youth Music Society believes in the universal therapeutic effects of music and formed in 2010 to offer no-cost performances in small venues around the San Francisco Bay Area. The elderly and infirm are their particular focus, and they generally entertain at hospitals and senior housing complexes. The rapt attention their concerts receive indicate they are meeting a legitimate need.




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  1. Pierce recently performed on From the Top, Rochester (NY), show #284, along with Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway, Annie Jacobs-Perkins (cello), Carmen Knoll (piano), Emily Helenbrook, and a Eastman School of Music wind ensemble. Pierce played "Der Erlkonig," a transcription of Schubert's song by the same name for violin solo.