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Review of Wailana Coffee House in Waikiki

Wailana Coffee House, Waikiki

For visitors looking for Waikiki restaurants, the Wailana Coffee House offers tasty coffee, fresh tropical fruit and all you can eat pancakes with coconut syrup.

Considered by many to offer the best breakfast on Oahu, Wailana Coffee House is located at the corner of Ena Road and Ala Moana Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii, across the street from the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, and within walking distance of many hotels. Every morning a line of people snake to the front door, so this restaurant isn't exactly a secret.

Waitress Shirley with Coconut Syrup
Best Breakfast Diner in Waikiki
Salad Bar at Wailana Coffee House

Wailana Coffee House

The restaurant is a family owned business that started as a simple concession stand at the Honolulu Zoo, and then moved to its present location on Ala Moana in 1958 as a drive-in. The place expanded and today is about 800 square feet with seating for 250 people. It is open 24 hours and customers can park in the basement, accessed by Ena Road, for fifty cents and a restaurant validation.

The decor is not Starbucks, but it certainly doesn't keep diners away and the many booths are quite comfortable. Wailana Coffee House is clean and has an inviting Polynesian atmosphere. The food is excellent, portions generous, and prices quite reasonable. The servers are not young but exhibit a welcoming aloha spirit, treating customers to the feel of old Hawaii. The cafe has grown up with Waikiki, and adapted to the changing times of the past fifty years.

Best Restaurant in Waikiki

Omelettes, Belgian waffles, French toast, eggs benedict, and plain old eggs and toast are among the many offerings for breakfast at the Wailana Coffee House. The banana, pineapple, coconut and blueberry pancakes are delicious and all you can eat! Customers can add two eggs and two pieces of bacon for a grand total of $5.85, by far the best value. A side order of hash browns can be added for just $1.60. Fresh fruit as a side dish includes sweet pineapple with other tropical and not so tropical fruits.

Coffee is made by Douwe Egberts, and it beats the offerings of Starbucks or Peet's. Curiously, it comes to the Wailana Coffee House in a canned concentrated form, but it has a superior taste.

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The Wailana Coffee House also serves many of the dishes classic diners offer, like sandwiches and chicken. The menu is varied to please all tastes, including an in-house meatloaf recipe created forty years ago, a favorite with locals. Other interesting dishes are Kalbi, Saimin and Portuguese Bean Soup. The happy hour lasts all day until 9 p.m., with karaoke and live music in the evenings. For vacationers looking for great restaurants in Waikiki, the trip won't be complete without stopping for a meal at the Wailana Coffee House.

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