Friday, August 12, 2011

Victory Vision Motorcycle Guide for Riders

Victory Vision by Polaris, the New American Motorcycle
photo by Ellen Johnston

Victory Vision owners must master certain lessons all Victory Vision owners have learned to avoid dangerous pitfalls and become accomplished riders. Riding a Victory Vision motorcycle requires special handling of twists, turns and unexpected distractions.

Top Ten Lessons Learned From Touring on a Victory Vision Motorcycle

Victory Vision Customized by Arlen Ness
photo by Marty Smith
1. Add 20% More Time to the Victory Vision Motorcycle Trip.

Riders will be distracted by passersby as they hover near on the road to get a better look at the Vision. They will strike up conversations at red lights, restaurants, parking lots and gas stations. These interruptions require extra time, so Vision riders should leave early.

2. Learn the Victory Vision's Facts and Vital Statistics.

Riders need to bone up on the specs of Victory Visions to answer all the questions they will encounter. "Does it fly? Does it breathe fire?" And if asked, "Did you steal that bike from Batman?" just say, 'I am Batman.'

3. Practice Smiling For People Taking Pictures of The Victory Vision.

Strangers will approach and ask if they can take pictures of the Victory Vision with their cell phones. They may even want the rider in the picture.

4. Be Sensitive to Other Motorcyclist's Complaints About Their Lack of Power and Expensive Repairs.

According to, the Victory Vision scores 15% better than all other bikes on the cost of maintenance and repairs. So not only is a Vision rider enjoying a superior vehicle, he is also saving money. When others can't ride because their motorcycles are in the shop, he shouldn't rub it in.

5. Compliment Others on Their Motorcycles to Help Them Feel Included.

When a rider is with a group, strangers will consistently admire his Victory Vision. Other bikes will be overlooked or ignored, so the Vision rider should think of things to praise, like the seasoned styling. Or the full body massages they get from their vibrating motors.

6. Offer HOGs Help at a Garage Sale.

One of the reasons Harley owners don't switch to Victory Visions is the huge amount of money they have invested in Harley apparel. They feel an odd sense of loyalty to the brand and can't be hypocrites by riding a bike sporting a different logo from their jacket's. The solution is simple: hold a garage sale and get rid of the oppressive merchandise! Victory Vision riders can even loan them the garage.

7. Avoid Flirtatious Looks From Other Women.

Riders can't mount a steed like the Victory Vision without catching the eyes of adventurous women. However, they must keep it all in stride and pretend not to notice. The ladies can go buy their own Victory Visions.

8. Wave to HOGs When They Pass on the Road.

Some Harley owners ignore riders on non-Harley Davidson's. The Victory Vision looks very different from theirs, so they can spot it a mile away. Riders should go ahead and wave anyway. They should take the high road.

9. Riders Must Force Themselves to Get Off the Victory Vision.

When riding, about every hour a rider will need to stretch, not to mention relieve himself and take in fluids, especially on hot days. Riders also need to stop for meals and sleep eight hours at night. Though the ride seems like heaven, it can't be done 24/7. Riders must pry themselves off for breaks.

10. Enjoy the Ride.

Motorcyclists are experiencing a biking revolution with 'The New American Motorcycle,' Polaris' inimitable Victory Vision, so they should just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Once a motorcycle rider has mastered the ten lessons every Victory Vision owner should know, he will be empowered to unflinchingly sail along the roads, unperturbed by all the distractions, fuss and gawking his motorcycle generates.

Victory Vision with Cargo Trunk
photo by Marty Smith

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