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The Slanted Door in San Francisco

The Slanted Door in San Francisco

The Ferry Building on The Embarcadero
The Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco, California offers excellent, modernized Vietnamese cuisine in a trendy location, at 1 Ferry Building along The Embarcadero. It sits amidst other amazing eateries and boutique shops that consistently draw food connoiseurs from all over the Bay Area. On the way in, it is difficult to walk by The Farmers Market and Cowgirl Creamery Artisan Cheese Shop without partaking of the free samples they offer to passersby. So much of it is fresh, organic and hard to come by.

The Slanted Door Restaurant in San Francisco

Black Cod With Fuji Apple and Greens
However, diners should save their palates for The Slanted Door, as the food is truly superb. Dishes are served family style and meant to be shared. The Shaking Beef dish comes from grass-fed cows and is accompanied with a fabulous sauce. The Black Cod with field greens, fuji apple and soy sauce is another winner, the fish soft as butter. Saffron colored Squash with coconut milk and a sprinkling of a green herb called rau ram make a tasty vegetarian dish. The squash is tender and has a buttery taste. A great complement is a $2 side dish of jasmine white rice, cooked to fluffy perfection. For only a dollar more, the brown rice has a delightful nutty flavor.
Wine Club

Squash With Coconut Milk and Rau Ram

Brown Rice
The menu lists several herbal teas and the waiter recommends Hong Kong milk tea, a special blend made with sweetened condensed milk. It is a refreshing deviation from traditional black tea and arrives in an elegant little Chinese teapot. Packets of fair trade organic sugar and stevia grace the table, another hint of The Slanted Door's commitment to high quality, healthful food.

The restaurant is immaculate with a minimalist but elegant decor. Tables are made of thick blocks of wood and food is served on durable, earth-colored plates and mugs handmade by Heath Ceramics in Marin. The restrooms are rather unusual: individual unisex stalls with an attendant on hand to open the doors for people, and a tip jar nearby. Patrons run the gamut from tourists to locals to businessmen working in the Financial District, and the prices of the entrees tend to be expensive. Dinner for two will cost around $90, but lunches are more affordable.

View of San Francisco Bay Bridge From The Slanted Door

Executive Chef Charles Phan opened his first diner on Valencia Street in 1995, and it became so popular he expanded to several locations, including The Slanted Door's prime spot overlooking San Francisco Bay. Reservations are recommended, so call (415)861-8032. The restaurant is open every day for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, and closes at 10 p.m. Though expensive, this San Francisco eatery offers a creative menu composed of quality ingredients, and it is a popular landmark for good reason.

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