Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bouquets to Arts 2012 at the deYoung

Waterlily Pond Floral Design Studio Interprets Chihuly

Ultramarine Stemmed Form With Orange
by Dave Chihuly
Bouquets to Art is a yearly event at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco, a five-day meeting of art and flowers to stimulate the senses. Floral arrangements created by 150 of the Bay Area's most prestigious florists and garden clubs interpret artworks from the permanent collection, and the show attracts more crowds than any other exhibition. The 2012 show honors the late John Buchanan, Director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. In tribute, the lobby offers two stunning metal sculptures sporting roses, orchids, hydrangeas, tulips and freesias standing atop art books and flyers for exhibitions he curated.

Tribute to John Buchanan
by Thierry Chantrel & Terry Gross
Bouquets to Art Review of Flower Artists

All the arrangements evidence creativity and attention to detail, but space limits mention of only a sampling. The previous year's amazing dog sculpture by Rhonda Stoffel of Grace Street Floral & Event Design echoes in a few pieces, like a Dalmatian by Orna Maymon and a leafy cat by Marsha Heckman, which lures Arthur Putnam's bronze sculpture, Puma on Guard. Regula Allenspach Weill of Regula's European Design interprets Mirrored Concorde by Ellsworth Kelly with a shimmery cube of reflective mylar, leaves and paper art.

Regula's European Design
Interprets Mirrored Concorde

Mirrored Concorde
by Ellsworth Kelly

Instead of curly willow, an abundance of succulents, callas and especially orchids dominate the bouquets this year. Perhaps due to the economy, many of the arrangements are simple, like the red shoes sprouting crimson and white blooms by Debbie Hitchcock of Lovey's Garden. Ron Morgan's black and white arrangement mimicking a Lichtenstein artwork is also minimalist. Hearts and Flowers of Tiburon present an interesting perspective of Wayne Thiebaud's Ponds and Streams with tight rows of flowers reflecting a bird's eye view of his landscape.

Marsha Heckman's Cat
Puma on Guard by Arthur Putnam

Bouquet by Debbie Hitchcock
Lovey's Garden
Arrangement by Yoshiko Williams
Tower Observation Level

There aren't as many oversized displays as submitted previously and surprisingly, some galleries don't have any floral displays at all, but the exhibit still won't disappoint. The gift store bustles with patrons buying floral art books and vases, obviously inspired to create bouquets of their own. Running from March 13 to 17, 2012, Bouquets to Art is a visual feast for aspiring and established floral designers alike.

Phyllis & Joe Brady's Interpretation
of Nathan Oliveira's Weaver

Ron Morgan's Interpretation of Lichtenstein

Modern Head #5
by Roy Lichtenstein

Bouquets to Arts at the deYoung

A few of the floral designers man the galleries during the exhibit, answering questions and making viewers feel welcome. Demonstration classes and lectures are also available in the Koret Auditorium for those interested in learning more.

Dalmatian Made of Baby's Breath
by Orna Maymon
Sacramento Indian by Charles Nahl, 186

Dark Colored Flowers Reflect Jaguar Bench
by Rhonda Stoffel, Grace Street Floral & Event Design

Jaguar Bench by Judy McKie


Hearts & Flowers of Tiburon Interpret Thiebaud's Landscape

Ponds and Streams
by Wayne Thiebaud, 2001
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